Welcome to our farm!

Cascina Ghila is a permaculture project based on a 4 1/2 hectare piece of land in the mountains near Ivrea, in the north-west of Italy at the beginning of the beautiful Valchiusella valley.

Cascina Ghila is an experiment, an example of what can be done to move towards more resilient kind of communities. It allows the people who stay there to try alternative lifestyles, producing their own energy and food as much as it’s possible with the respect for the land and the people.

Are you …

… ready to settle and experiment living off the grid?
… looking for a small but supportive community?
… dreaming of a tiny house but have no land to place it on?
We are looking for you!

After 5 years of working on our project we feel like it’s time for a change. We happily work and live together with short-term helpers from all over the world. But we also feel the need of a deeper and long-term connection with someone to share our land with. You can become a neighbour, partner or friend. We have plenty of space, visions and ideas and the only thing missing is – you!

We are looking for

  • singles – couples – small families
  • open minded beings
  • economically and psychologically independent
  • we are open to any race/gender/religion/political and sexual orientation but not to any kind of fundamentalism

Please contact us directly via phone for more details or send us a message!
We are looking forward to hear from you.

July 2021

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