Who we are

We – Simone and Frieda – met by accident with the help of the world wide web. Connected by the will of questioning a lot of our habits, attitude to life and the will of change, we’re trying to live a life connected to nature, old and new ways of collective living and challenging mind and body. With the help of proofed techniques of permaculture, non-violent communication, friends and families we started this project in 2016 to face the transition of our current society. It’s always a great gift to switch ideas and experiences, so we hope to inspire more than just us. Let’s grow together!


September 2019

Thank you Alice and Alberto for this little insight in our thoughts about the Cascina in 2019.
You can follow their journey here.


May 2018

Thank you Mathilde for this wonderful little insight in your stay here with us!


May 2016

Our first crowdfunding video and ideas for this place.
Selfmade,with great support of Anne!


March 2016

First ideas on how to use the space. A good example that everything flows and can be rethought once you see the advantages and disadvantages during one year of living.


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