The shared space

Throwback, right now and prospects


In 2016 we opened »Cascina Ghila« to family members, friends and lovely strangers to build up our 15-years-abandoned house and make it habitable. We had space for tents in- and outside the house, mattresses and beds around for everyone who wanted to stay from one night up to two months. During the summer we shared the house with sometimes more than 10 people and enjoyed the energy, the helpful hands and the positiveness of everyone who took part so far. Incidentally: Thank you very much!

Our idea is it to continue like this because we would like to have the experience, ideas and help that’s collected inside of everyone. But we also learned that we need some more rest in between and intensify the relationships to our guests. This is why we want to reduce the amount of visitors on a healthy level of three up to five per time to work more on the collective living and learn more efficient from each other.

If you want to visit us there are these options: Either via workaway (see button below), as a paying guest in our comfortable guestroom or for a couple of days after contacting us.

Get in contact with us if you’re interested, but please be aware that we have limited internet and sometimes a bad signal, so it’s possible that we will not answer immediately.

We’re looking forward to meet you!

What we offer

  • a young but energetic permaculture project
  • a rural way of life connected with the developments of our modern society
  • a lot of open air and nature in the italian alps
  • a wonderful view over the plains
  • fresh water from a spring
  • vegetarian/vegan meals
  • hiking tracks in the surrounding area
  • a lot of work to run the house and the land, including taking care about the animals
  • silence and entertainment
  • cultural exchange

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